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Internal rulesInternal rules

1. Punctuality and control of attendance

Internal rulesOn extensive courses, classes are 85 minutes. Class begins no later than 5 minutes after the time it is supposed to begin. The said 5 minutes are so that all students can enter the classroom and so that the teacher has time, between classes, to prepare all the necessary material. No delay, involving either the students or the teacher, longer than these ten minutes is considered justified. Students arriving after this time are a nuisance, both to the teacher and to classmates.

In three-hour classes, a ten-minute break may be taken halfway through. The ten minutes may be taken instead off the end of the class if the whole group agrees not to take a halfway break. In no case, however, may this time be accumulated at the beginning of the class.

Attendance is obligatory. For this reason, teachers will check the attendance of their students. A student that fails to maintain sufficiently regular attendance (75% of classes) without justification will forfeit the right to continuous assessment and the teacher may consequently refuse to take into consideration the course mark in awarding the final grade. Likewise, if attendance is not regular, the student has no right to supplementary help from the teacher or to correction of work or exercises handed in after deadlines.

2. Changing level and/or timetable

Students may only matriculate for the level immediately above that which they have passed at a previous sitting of UAB Idiomes examination or, in the case of new students, for that determined by the level test taken prior to enrolment. This test is exclusively for new students, and is obligatory.

Changes of level, one the student has matriculated, will only be permitted in the following circumstances:

2.1 A teacher that detects that a student matriculated in his/her class has been wrongly placed, by UAB Idiomes, in an incorrect level, may authorise a change of level provided that this occurs before 10 percent of the total course hours have been completed (around 10 hours). This authorisation will be handled directly by the UAB Idiomes Secretary, who will process the change of level to another course at the same time. If there is no group at the same time, UAB Idiomes will offer the possibility of matriculating at the closest possible time or, if that does not suit the student, of returning the full amount of the fees. Such a case will only be instigated by the teacher and where there is clear evidence that the student has been wrongly place, the latter being verified by the corresponding coordinator for the language.

2.2 If a student, once the course has begun, wishes to change to a level lower than that demonstrated by the level test or by their UAB Idiomes certificate, written request for this should be presented to the Head of Studies. The latter will determined whether or not it is appropriate to accept the request, which will only be permitted if there are places available in the group at the lower level requested and with the agreement of the group's teacher.

2.3 If the request for a change of level comes from the student, without there being any evidence of incorrect placement after the test, the change will only be allowed with the express authorisation of the Head of Studies and the approval of the Director of UAB Idiomes. Where the change is not authorised, there will be no right, under any circumstances, to repayment, partial or total, of course fees.

Changes of timetable will only be accepted within the first 30 calendar days of the first day of class, on ordinary courses, and within the first 15 calendar days on intensive courses. Outside this period, any request for a change of timetable should be addressed, in writing, to the Head of Studies, accompanied by a certificate justifying the request. A change of timetable, after matriculation at UAB Idiomes, at the place of work or university where the student is studying is understood as being justifiable reason. In any case, changes of timetable may only be made with the express authorisation of the Head of Studies, and only where there are places at the time requested.

3. Students and groups

The maximum number of students on an ordinary course is 18 per group, while for conversation courses it is 12 students per group. UAB Idiomes reserves the right to cancel groups in which there are not a minimum number of students matriculated. In such cases, the students that have matriculated will have preference in matriculation at another timetable or, if they prefer, fees paid will be returned.

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