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Free choice creditsRecognition of "free choice" credits*

Free choice creditsAs from the 1999-2000 academic year, courses taken at UAB Idiomes Barcelona are recognised for free choice credits in the new university curriculums.

The equivalence used, for ordinary 60-hour courses, will be 4 credits, provided that the minimum pass mark is attained in the corresponding final examination, as determined for each particular case. 60-hour courses that do not involve completing a level do not give any right to free choice credits.
8 free choice credits will be awarded for 120 hours - two 60-hour courses - provided the conditions specified in the previous section are met.

For other courses involving a final evaluation, equivalence is 1 free choice credit for each 15 hours of class, provided that recognition has been approved by the Comissió d'Ordenació Acadèmica. 30-hour courses give the right to 1 free choice credit under the same circumstances as those described above.

Only language courses studied and passed during a university degree and as of 1999-2000 will be recognised for free choice credits. The validation of language courses for free choice credits is the responsibility of the respective secretaries of each faculty, on presentation by the student of certification by the Servei d'Idiomes Moderns of having passed the course he/she matriculated on. The number of free choice credits UAB Idiomes courses give the right to may be modified by the secretary of a given faculty. Students should obtain information from the secretary of their faculty on the number of free choice credits UAB Idiomes courses will produce.

*All information on the recognition of free choice credits mentioned in this section refers to the UAB, and may as a result vary from one university to another. For further information, please consult the secretary of your own faculty.

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